Monday, 13 April 2015


Welcome to part two of our SCREAM! cover gallery.  As
revealed in part one, Scream! lasted for 15 issues before being
cancelled due to an industrial strike.  The comic contained such
Of DEATH (a different tale every week), FIENDS  And NEIGH-
BOURS (a humour strip, looks like a reprint), MONSTER, and
A GHASTLY TALE (again, a different tale every issue).

IPC decided that, after eight weeks of absence from news-
agents due to the printers' strike, the title had lost momentum
and wasn't worth continuing.  However, given the immense cost
of launching a comic, this suggests that the sales figures had been
less than encouraging.  Had it been a runaway hit, it would surely
have been kept going.  After all, nobody cancels a sure-fire

Another part still to come, chums!  Be sure not to miss it -
on this, the absolutely best blog in the history of best blogs
that most people have never heard of!


John Pitt said...

Thanks for doing the complete wraparounds as well, Kid.
You know, I didn't see any evidence of poor sales in my neck of the woods. I honestly did believe that IPC had come up with another winner. It was such a surprise when it disappeared. I never did buy into the complaints rumour. At first I thought some greedy bugger had beaten me to the newsagents ( HIGHLY unlikely!! ) and snatched up all the copies of #16!

Kid said...

Thing is, JP, it might've sold well in your neighbourhood (and several others), but not done too well across the country. If the sales figures had been really good, they'd have kept it going, because the strips for the next issues would've already been completed. (They work about 8 weeks in advance.)

As for the alleged complaints, I suspect that there may have been some, but IPC denied that was why the comic was cancelled. You never know 'though; perhaps it was a combination of poor sales and some complaints that made IPC decide it wasn't worth continuing.

Arfon Jones said...

I could look at these all day, I would gladly have them on my wall! Thanks again for posting!

Colin Jones said...

In the late '70s my sister used to get a comic called 'Misty' which had a supernatural theme - ghosts, vampires etc. I used to read it too and it was quite good. Of course it was officially a girls' comic but it shows that girls like that kind of thing as well.

Kid said...

Well, AJ, if you've got a printer, you could have them on your wall. I don't think you'll be arrested for it. Don't miss part 3.


Someone gave me a copy of Egmont's Best of Misty Special a while back, CJ, but I haven't read it yet. It'll be around somewhere.

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