Monday, 6 April 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

First, the bad news.  I'm unable to open the Spidey Special at the
foot of this post wide enough to scan the interiors without damaging
it, so you're going to have to settle for the front and back covers.  Also,
my FLASHBACK comics are up in my attic somewhere, so I can't, at
the moment, scan the splash page from the featured issue, but when I
can, I'll add it later.  Fortunately, I'd already scanned the cover for
an earlier post, which is why I can show it here.

So here we are with the final part of the cover gallery of UNTOLD
TALES Of SPIDER-MAN for you to dribble and drool over.  There
are some nice images here, reminiscent of STEVE DITKO's artwork
on the character back in the 1960s, the definitive look for Spidey in
many people's opinion.  Did you read Untold Tales back in the mid-
'90s?  Any reminiscences or observations that you'd care to share
with your fellow Criv-ites would be most welcome.

Seat-belt fastened?  Then away we goooooooo!


John Pitt said...

Cheers Kid, but will you remind us when you do add them, as sometimes I miss your updates. Luckily, I've come across some when I revisit posts.
Anyway, question? - As the Flashback series was supposed to have taken place before FF#1, how come Peter's married to MJ already?

John Pitt said...

Ammend that question, - I never spotted the "Richard"! NOW, it makes sense! ( Didn't know they worked for SHIELD, though ).

Kid said...

As I don't have the issue to hand I can't check the story content, JP. Are you going by the cover illo? If so, that's Peter Parker's parents, not him and Mary Jane.

Kid said...

Oops! I typed out my answer before your 2nd comment came through, JP. It was waiting to be published before I'd submitted my response, so it automatically gets posted in sequence.

John Pitt said...

At first glance I thought it was Petey, as he now looks so much like his Dad! Without having read every single Spidey story ever written, I am now wondering if PP ever got to know about his parents secret past before their untimely demise?

Kid said...

I think it was touched on in one of the Spidey Annuals in the late '60s or early '70s, although other details may have been added over the years. Unfortunately, I can't check as most of my stuff is still in the attic.

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