Thursday, 30 April 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Waheyyy, another six centre-spread posters from MARVEL
U.K.'s weekly periodical, THE TITANS, from the faraway-but-
not-forgotten days of the 1970s, when life seemed cleaner, keener,
lighter and brighter than it so often does today.  (At least, it does
in my mind 'cos I was there.)

As far as I know, these posters have never been reprinted in
any Marvel mag, either here in Britain or over in America, so our
Stateside readers have probably never seen them before.  Whether
you have or not 'though, take the time to luxuriate in the awesome
aura of Marvel at its mightiest - in ambition if not in actuality -
as you cast your gaze upon these panoramic pictures.

Got a favourite?  Feel free to share.


Colin Jones said...

Well, if you believe all the Tory/New Labour claptrap about the '70s we all went about in rags and survived on charity from soup kitchens - of course in reality Britain was one of the richest countries in the world with a standard of living most people on this planet could only dream of. Anyway, now I've got that off my chest, Kid - could you possibly say what issues these centre-spreads are from in future posts ? I mean just something simple like #15-20 or whatever - because I'd like to match up the centre-spreads with the issues I actually bought, ta :)

John Pitt said...

One of the many things I love about this blog is the way you continue to show us things that were only published in the UK Marvel & DC and never reprinted anywhere.
Thanks from me for all this material!

Kid said...

They're already scanned and the comics put away, CJ, so I'd have to dig them out and go through them all again. You don't expect much for free admission, do you? (Huh!) It'll have to wait for the moment, unfortunately. But patience is a virtue and will be rewarded in time.


There you are, CJ that's what I call a comment! JP's grateful for what he gets. Never asks for a thing. (Koff!)

Colin Jones said...

Kid, don't go to any trouble on my behalf - I can just back to the first centre-spreads post and count them from there. I'd completely forgotten that there were centre-spreads at all until you posted them on this marvellous, excellent, amazing, terrific blog so a million, billion, zillion thanks - see, I can show gratitude too !!

Kid said...

Trouble with that theory 'though, CJ, is that there were some issues that didn't have centre-spreads (#12 was one, I think), so that's something that needs to be accounted for. I'll get around to it before too long, don't worry.

What a sincere compliment, CJ. As Bob Monkhouse once said, sincerity is a great quality - and once you've managed to fake it, you've got it made.

B Smith said...

Was it ever established who the artist/s were for these? They do seem to range in quality somewhat.

Kid said...

Some are signed, Ken, but others are difficult to identify because they seem to be copying other artists.

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