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At the same time that the 96 page SPIDER-MAN MEGAZINE
went on sale in 1994/'95, so too did MARVEL SUPER-HEROES
MEGAZINE (are you spotting a trend yet?), featuring John Byrne's
FANTASTIC FOURFrank Miller's DAREDEVIL, Michelinie's,
Layton's & Romita's (and others') IRON MAN, and (again) John
Byrne's HULK.  This mag struggled too, and gave up the ghost
with issue #6, but it was great while it lasted.

So savour the sight of these six sensational covers, which I
freely bestow upon thee.  I sometimes astound myself with my
altruistic acts of genial generosity, but I don't like to mention it,
due to my humongous humility and monumental modesty.

Ain't I a saint?


The Groovy Agent said...

Makes one wonder where fans' heads were when a mag with this kind of high-quality material couldn't survive against the fanzine-level art and stories that ruled the comics shops at this time. Needed variant covers, I s'pose. (Never could figure out whey they didn't include Simonson's Thor in this line-up, though...)

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Wow you take a week and a bit "off" from "Crivens" (busy busy long days at work) and when I come back Im presented with some great blogs - I was not aware of these Megazines at all, they look fantastic I want them now (I will be on Ebay very soon). I recall the "Complete Spider-Man (another excellent comic from Marvel UK) which ws probably the last UK Marvel title I picked up, but I don't even remember reading about or seeing these megazines in John Menzies/W H Smiths etc - great stuff full of really good art and stories - were there any other megazine titles?

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Ooops I just re read the "Spider-man Megazine" thread where Colin (Jones) points out these are US comics. I never noticed the dollar price, they look a bit like UK comics, saying that it should make it a bit easier for me to pick up some back issues (I will check out City Centre Comics later)

Kid said...

GA, perhaps they were considering giving Thor his own Megazine, but pulled the plug on the idea because the others didn't sell? As you say, however, what were readers thinking NOT buying them in numbers that would've made them a hit?!


McScotty, these 'Megs' ARE brilliant and the way to regard them is as a limited series - then you can take pride in having a complete set. Shame they didn't last longer 'though. I'm not sure that shops like WHS would ever have sold them (I never saw them there) - I bought mine in FP. There was a Hulk Megazine, but I think it was a one-shot as I only have the first issue - never saw any more.

Dunsade Dave said...

I bought all of this series and loved it, pity it didn't last longer. I don't remember buying the Hulk or Spider-Man ones though, which is really irritating when I think about some of the rubbage I DID buy in the mid '90s. Avengers Unplugged, for instance.

John Pitt said...

Like the majority, I have never seen any of these megazines before either, nor did I know of their existance, but I saw very few US 90's comics after the big disappearing act.
It's always good to learn of comics which you didn't know about.

Kid said...

Never saw that one, DD, but I got the FF unplugged. Still got them, but can't remember anything about them.


Only when you can afford to buy them at their later inflated prices, JP.

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