Monday, 2 March 2015


Which he actually did when the voice of STEVE ZODIAC,
actor PAUL MAXWELL, appeared on THE SAINT television
show.  However, that's not what I refer to.  No, I'm talking about
when ROGER MOORE as SIMON TEMPLAR was seen hand-
ling a QUERCETTI FIREBALL XL5 parachute toy*, contain-
ing a little astronaut figure meant to be Steve.  If I remember
correctly, YOGI  BEAR also appears in the clip that this
still is taken from (wotta star).

(*I won't make you jealous by showing
off my two boxed Fireball examples.)


Ken said...

Paradoxically Steve was a less wooden actor than old Roger.


Kid said...

Maybe it was just that the parts he played were one-dimensional, Ken. He was very good in The Man Who Haunted Himself, I thought.

Colin Jones said...

I haven't seen The Man Who Haunted Himself for donkey's years. I remember an impressionist doing Roger Moore once and he says (in Roger's voice) : "My agent asked me if I'd like to play the important part of Bond - I said I'd be willing to play all of him".

DeadSpiderEye said...

He does a pretty job in that flick but it's probably about the only role he gets some range to play with. His theatre days were quite successful apparently, but he quit the scene because of certain... how can put this, being a good looking chap and in the acting game 'n' all, certain expectations were presented to him, so he left for Hollywood.

Kid said...

Chris Barrie is excellent at doing Roger impressions, CJ - as is Rory Bremner.


I think, in general, DSE, that if you're what's considered 'good-looking' (regardless of gender) you're mostly going to be offered roles that don't require much range in the acting department. I've read Roger's autobiography, and he mentions being propositioned by some gay producer or director. He was outta there in double-quick time.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, if I remember correctly the impressionist in question was Alastair McGowan but I can't be sure. Rory Bremner does a hilarious version of David Cameron but a few years ago he was complaining that the most recent crop of politicians have very bland voices that are difficult to impersonate. He said "Nick Clegg asked me 'can you do me ?' and I said 'no, can you ?'" - he's obviously learned to do Cameron though. And Ed Milliband sounds like he's got a permanent blocked nose so there's surely some impressionist potential to be had there.

Kid said...

Do you remember impressionist Mike Yarwood, CJ? He was quite good at Harold Wilson and Edward Heath (Prime Ministers.)

John Pitt said...

"This will not affect the pound in your pocket..
Come and listen to this, Mary!"
"A life on the ocean wave!"

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I do remember Mike Yarwood but Heath and Wilson had gone by then - although I've seen his impressions of them. Yarwood also did a good Steptoe and Son.

Kid said...

It was like being in the room with them, JP. I didn't know you were such a talented mimic.


He really captured the expression of Wilfred Bramble, CJ, as well as the voice.

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