Monday, 23 March 2015


In case you didn't know, The MIGHTY THOR #126 was the
first ish not to bear the JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY masthead
which had graced its cover for the previous 125 issues.  Not that it
matters much, because it's really the art we're here to look at today,
not the name of the mag.  So look to your heart's content, and see if
you can spot what those clever MARVEL chappies have done with
the cover of #458.  The clue is in the name of this blog post, if
that's any help to you.

Any preferences, frantic ones?  Which and why?


DeadSpiderEye said...

Never really did like that cover, It's bold in a similar fashion to the Wrath of the Warrior cover, one that I feel is more successful. It's the clash between line weight and the black fills, they just don't gel properly, I would've sent it back If I'd been Stan but I understand a certain reticence over editorial decisions closer to the deadline.

Kid said...

It works for me, DSE, because it has impact. However, I agree that there are a few imperfections about it.

Dunsade Dave said...

The logo used on that later issue is, in my opinion, really jarring and unsuitable for Thor. It looks like a nice shiny science fiction typeface that would work much better on, say, a Star Trek comic or something equally smooth and futuristic, rather than a hammer wielding Norse warrior. Showing the previous logo underneath it just emphasizes that for me.

Kid said...

I think the new logo is meant to have a 'Nordic' look, but you're right that it doesn't quite work, DD. The original is best.

UPDATE: I just realized that both these logos are 'new' - and that it's the smaller one which is 'Nordic'. By original, I meant the one on the older cover.

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