Wednesday, 18 March 2015


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As VICTOR MELDREW would say:  "I don't believe it!"  I know
I'm always banging on about how quickly time flies, but I'm compelled
to mention it once again on sight of this comic.  1996?  It can't be true,
but it is.  Although it only seems to me like four or five years ago at the
most, a whole nineteen years have elapsed since I purchased this ace
HULK MEGAZINE mag from a store in Glasgow city centre.

It's contains some cracking classic tales that belong in everyone's
collection.  Even 'though I own the original printing of HEAVEN IS
A VERY SMALL PLACE!, it's worth the price of the Special for this
titanic tale from the '70s alone!  Add to that two GIL KANE illustrated
adventures and you've surely got a guaranteed recipe for success, right?
You'd think so anyway, but if there were ever any subsequent issues
of this title, I never saw them.  Nevertheless, this is a comicbook
you should have, so if not, get on to eBay right away!  


baab said...

What a cover that is.

John Severin inking Herb Trimpe is very nice.
I became a little bored with Hulk and Herb at times,this team elevated it for me.

Gil Kane would turn up for a short run on a few of the comics I enjoyed,I love the linework he sometimes used,as in this Hulk artwork.
Or maybe it is because he appears to be the inker also.

I will have to search da' net to find out if he also inked the others I am thinking of.

Pleasant curses to ya Kid!

Colin Jones said...

Kid, was 'Heaven Is A Very Small Place' one of the stories in the 1975 Holiday Grab-Bag because I seem to remember it as so - of course I'm old and feeble now and my memory isn't what it was......

Kid said...

John Severin, in my opinion, elevated everyone's art he ever worked on, regardless of how good they were to begin with, Baab.

Pleasant curses pleasantly appreciated.


Yup, it was, CJ. I know, 'cos I've got it. It was also reprinted in an issue of MWOM.

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