Sunday, 29 March 2015


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When I first saw the cover of UNTOLD TALES Of SPIDER-
MAN #15, I did a double-take.  "What am I doing on the cover of
that comic?" I asked myself, seeing as how I had a double-breasted suit,
hairstyle and beard just like GORDON SAVINSKI.  (To say nothing of
the same first name.)  And believe it or not (shock, horror) there are some
who'll tell you that, just like him, I'm a bit of a b@st@rd.  (It's not true
of course - I'm the epitome of niceness.  (Ask my good buddies - SAD-
DAMADOLF and VLADIMIR.  Two of them are dead, but it
shouldn't be a problem if you can reach a happy medium.)

Anyway, that's enough guff from me, enjoy part three!


John Pitt said...

Love the Aunt May cover!:But I'm going to have to track down the X-Men ish, - I really need to read that story!
Kid, would you do me a favour and type out the URL for your Under the Hammer clip? For some reason, the link on THE KID'S A TV won't play or go over for me!
Cheers, mate.

Colin Jones said...

Reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons when Homer thinks he sees his face on a Japanese advert and sets off to investigate....

Kid said...

Dunno what my URL is, JP. Press the 'Play on YouTube' option in the bar at the foot of the screen - or Google 'MrKidr77 on YouTube'.


I ain't going anywhere to investigate anything, CJ. I'm too comfy where I am.

John Pitt said...

The vid still wouldn't play, so I went on your YouTube and I was scrolling down to have another look at your toys, when I passed some DALEKS, so I just had to click on. Of course, you know what I found - the Century 21 record of the Dalek/Mechanoid battle! Well, as soon as I saw that Mechanoid say, "Enter." I was transported back in time almost half a Century! It was a lovely sunny summer's evening and I was munching on Walker's cheese & onion crisps and a packet of pork scratchings from the corner shop, whilst I was watching this at my Granny's house. At home time, as it was such a lovely evening, my Mother pestered my Dad to take us for a nice drive, rather than going straight home and we stopped at a canal side pub, called the Bell in a picturesque village and my Dad brought a tray of drinks out to the car park. I had a bottle of vimto and another packet of cheese & onion.
All this from a simple click on YouTube.
I thought it warranted documenting.

Kid said...

Indeed it dies, JP. I can almost smell that cheese & onion. I remember being in a pub (having a soft drink) next to a canal (not far from Glasgow) a few years ago, and it was extremely picturesque, with barges and everything.

John Pitt said...

Not a Century 21 record, but I recently found a CD of the 2 Peter Cushing DW films on EBay. Don't know if you know about it?

Kid said...

Own them already, JP, but thanks anyway.

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