Saturday, 28 March 2015


So here we are again, with yet another instalment of THE
CRUNCH cover gallery - despite there seeming to be little or no
interest in this D.C. THOMSON title from the late 1970s.  I guess
it was exactly the same back then, otherwise the weekly periodical
would've been around for longer than it was - a mere 54 issues.  Still,
if you've nothing better to do, it won't kill you to take a moment to
cop a gander at these pulsating piccies from yesteryear.  Is there
anyone out there who remembers this comic?


Colin Jones said...

Lasting for 54 issues wasn't so bad - that was 4 more than The Superheroes and 4 less than The Titans, 54 issues would have been a good run if it was Marvel UK. This is the sort of comic I'd have been reading if Marvel UK had never existed - an alternative childhood experience that never happened.

Kid said...

You can track them down on eBay, CJ, then have a retro childhood experience in the here and now.

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