Monday, 23 March 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Recently, I posted a gallery of some FANTASTIC FOUR
covers - #s 297 -312, to be precise.  However, there was one ish
missing from my collection - #306 - whose image I had to borrow
from eBay to fill the gap.  I don't know why that particular number
had eluded me back in 1987, and although I'd always intended  to
track it down, I somehow just never got 'round to it.  Funny how
a whopping 28 years can slip by without one noticing, eh?

However, the long wait is over.  I bought one a few days back
and it arrived today, so I'm an ecstatically happy chappie.  Here it
is, along with its splash page to celebrate the momentous occasion.
I was only half the age I am now when I should have bought this ish,
and I was living in a different house in another neighbourhood, - in
a whole different century, in fact - but fate has finally rectified the
oversight and united us at last.  (Well, fate, eBay, and two-
odd quid, to be precise.)  Praise be to the internet.

Okay, frantic ones - feast your eyes on these two images
featuring the FF's fabulous foray into the fantastic.  It's what
comics (and blogs devoted to them) were invented for!


Colin Jones said...

You were living in a different millennium too, Kid. Didn't you move back to your old house in 1987 ? You should write a post about how that happened.

Kid said...

I think I've told as much of that story as is interesting, CJ. Regarding FF #306, funny thing is, looking at it now, I'm reminded of the other house I was in when the comic came out, even 'though I'd never seen it until recently.

karl said...

Great stuff kid great stuff. The FF was going thru quite the change back then and this was the work in progress. Fascinating reading!

Kid said...

Thanks, Karl. I must confess that, after John Byrne, the FF lost a lot of its shine for me, but it was good to see John Buscema draw the characters again.

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