Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Here's SIMON TEST getting up to all sorts of escapades on
six covers of SMASH! from 1970.  This is the latest in our cover
gallery featuring this titanic title from 40-odd years ago, and it was
one of Britain's best periodicals for boys in an age when there was
still a comics industry in this country, as opposed to the 'craft
fair' that exists today.

I've mentioned before that, spectacular as these covers are, I
think IPC missed a trick by not alternating the featured character
from week-to-week, as it would surely have intrigued potential new
readers to see a different face staring up at them from the news-
agent's counter from time to time.  Any thoughts on the matter?


John Pitt said...

Kid, have you put them away again yet? It's just how did he avoid a choppin' on the 11th April? You can't show me a cover like that and leave me wondering! I gotta know!

Colin Jones said...

The third cover from the top probably wouldn't be allowed now - the image of African savages about to kill a white man would be considered stereotypical and offensive (I suppose).

Kid said...

He sneezed, and the snot hit the guy with the chopper in the eye, making him drop it on his toe, whereupon he rapidly bled to death and the others ate him, not wanting to waste a good meal. In the confusion, Simon Test managed to escape. (Can't be @rsed looking to see, JP.)


Maybe they're not African savages, CJ. It might be taking place in Birmingham, in a large back garden. You'd still get away with the cover today if you said the savages were a forgotten tribe deep in the recesses of a hidden jungle somewhere, and that civilization had passed them by.

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