Thursday, 19 March 2015


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Here's another blockbustin' belter from the backyard of bygone
days - HULK Vs. The THING, in four classic slug-it-out fight-fests
from the '60s & '70s.  Once again, I'm surprised to see that this magical 
mag hails from 1999 - making it around ten or eleven years older than I
thought it was.  (Sixteen years ago?  Really?)  Regarding the last tale, I
always like JIM STARLIN art inked by JOE SINNOTT, because it
reminds me of the covers they collaborated on for early issues of the
British weekly The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL back in
the faraway fields of the 1970s.

So have you read all four titanic tussles, true-believer?  (No?
Then where've you been, Melvin?  And yes, I'd say you're right!  It
should've been five, but seemingly there wasn't space for FF #12.)
Assuming that you have, which one of them is your favourite?  Don't
hold back now - put your typing fingers into action and tell your
fellow Criv-ites all about it.  You know what a bunch of nosey-
parkers (sticky-beaks) we are!  The floor's all yours!


John Pitt said...

Probably because it was the first one I read, for me it has to be FF #25/6.
I wonder just how many scraps they have notched up to date?

Kid said...

I haven't been counting, but it's bound to be quite a few, JP.

Colin Jones said...

I don't remember that John Buscema one at all but I must have read it - in either Captain Britain or SSM & CB.

Kid said...

I've got that reprint, CJ, but I can't recall what comic it appeared in. I suspect it was just as you say - CB or SSM & CB. I'll dig them out and check eventually.

Phil said...

There was a story where Ben Grimm and Hulk change bodies and the Thing was beating the Hulk. So one must wonder how much of the Hulk's success is from being as big as the Hulk and how much from getting stronger as he gets angrier.

Kid said...

That was in Giant-Size Super Stars #1 Starring The Fantastic Four, Phil. The Hulk, in The Thing's body, was beating The Thing in The Hulk's body, so I think the fact that The Hulk usually beat The Thing was down to The Hulk's savagery, and not necessarily being bigger and stronger. ('Though that often helps, of course.)

karl said...

Gotta love those old Thing versus Hulk grudge matches!

Kid said...

Yes indeedy, Karl. They're usually always fun.

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