Saturday, 9 August 2014


BUSTER had several good artists in his time, but possibly the
best remembered (to those of a certain age) is ANGEL NADAL,
who drew the strip from 1962 to '74.  This particular page is from
an issue dated October 29th, but unfortunately I don't know what
year, as it's not noted on the back and I don't have the published
comic in my collection to refer to.

If anyone happens to know the year of publication, or can sup-
ply a scan of the printed strip, feel free to say so in the comments
section.  Luckily, when I get around to showing my other Buster
artwork (a two-pager), I'll be able to show you the actual printed
pages.  No, don't thank me - it's all part of the 'job'!

alerting me to where I could find an image of the published
page, which I've 'borrowed' to show here.  Be sure to visit to see more great pictures
and learn all about the history of BUSTER.


George Shiers said...

I don't have the issue, but it's the one dated 29th October 1966.

Kid said...

Thanks, George. How did you find out?

Philip Crawley said...

For what it's worth this link will take you to a (not that great) copy of the printed page.

Kid said...

Thanks, PC. I've given you a mention.

George Shiers said...

I found the scan at the same place as Philip. :)

Kid said...

I don't know why I didn't think to look there myself. George.

John Pitt said...

Kid, I recently discovered the BRILLIANT Bustercomic website myself where I found out you can go through 40 years of the weekly page by page! I could spend years in there!!

Kid said...

I was interviewed for it, JP. I think it's still there. Sadly, I don't think the place has been updated in a while, but it is a great site. It's been in my blog list for yonks.

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