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Copyright MARVEL COMICS.  Published by PANINI

76 pages of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The Shadow Colonel and his Legion of the Unliving attack the Avengers – and the Ghost Rider is their weapon!

Featuring material first printed in Avengers #16-17, Avengers: No Road Home #1-2.

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76 pages of Marvel’s toughest heroes!   Three great stories!

New story!  Mysterious murders take place in the frozen north – and Wolverine is the chief suspect!

X-23 battles the Midwich Cuckoos!

The final showdown between Deadpool and the Black Panther!

Featuring material first printed in Wolverine: The Long Night #1, X-23 #5 and Black Panther vs Deadpool #5.

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Hackney Steve said...

Any Londoners who buy these reprints might be interested to know that Forbidden Planet are knocking out dozens of the Mightiest Marvel Heroes Hardcover volumes at half price, £4.99.
They're a mixed bag, but you're potentially getting up to 9 issues reprinted in a hardcover for the price of one of these Panini comics. There are some fab reads there! Dunno if other branches are stocking them on their bargain shelves?

Kid said...

I don't know why, HS, but when it comes to comic strips, I always prefer an actual comic to a book. Though I admit that reprint books are a handy way to read one's favourite comics without having to dig out the originals.

Hackney Steve said...

Highlights I picked up are volumes 2(The Torch 1-8),4(FF vol 1,192-200), 61(Invaders 1-6,GS 1,Marvel Premiere 29-30) and 75(the Elektra issues from Miller's DD run). Good value compared to the £60 or whatever they want for a Masterworks vol...

Kid said...

I prefer the softcover Epic Collection volumes these days, HS. The paper isn't shiny, but more like '70s 'comics' paper.

Hackney Steve said...

Having re-read my first comment, I should clarify that they're not a mixed bag as in a sealed grab-bag (cos they do sell remaindered comics that way) - just meant that the quality of reprinted material varies depending on the vol... you wouldn't wanna buy the lot, put it that way.
Those Epic collections you mention do look nice but they're about £33, at least in store. I personally wouldn't pay that for a softcover. I was drooling over the Not Brand Echh collection - is that an Epic? - but wouldn't pay that for it. I mentioned the current FP offer because I thought it might appeal to Panini-buying Criv-ites who obviously don't mind reprints...for a fiver a throw these books are really nice impulse buys and make for great presents with Crimbo coming up. (I'm not on a commission for this - you don't get much cheap in FP!)

Kid said...

Well, you get close to 20 issues in some of them, HS, which is cheaper than having to buy the originals individually, so it works out at good value. I'm not sure if the Not brand Echh volume is an Omnibus or an Epic, but it's bound to pop up as an Epic eventually if it isn't already. I've had some great bargains with various collected editions on ebay and Amazon - they can sometimes be much cheaper than they cost in the shops.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Conan will ever appear in the Panini CEs? There's enough material for a Conan CE - the two stories from the new CTB and SSoC plus a classic Conan tale. Failing that, Conan could appear in MWOM just like he did when 'The Avengers & The Savage Sword Of Conan' merged with the original MWOM :)

Last week I bought the latest issue of Savage Sword Of Conan (#9) which has a terrific cover - some modern covers can be a bit dull but SSoC #9 has a cover equal to any from days of yore.

Kid said...

I'd like to see that myself, CJ, but I don't know what the interest would be in the UK for such a title. Though I think I'll suggest it to the editor at Marvel/Panini who sends me the checklist updates.

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