Wednesday, 23 October 2019



                   None may quibble that fair Sybil is the prettiest of gals.
                   Sexy Sybil makes men dribble, how they wish to be her pals.
                   Kneel before her, don't ignore her, she's a woman of intrigue.
                   Men adore her, though most bore her, they're not even in her league.

                   Simply stunning, far outrunning all pretenders to her crown.
                   She's not shunning, just out funning, with a grin and not a frown.
                   Syb excites us and ignites us, her charms earn the highest score.
                   She delights us and unites us, as we grovel on the floor.

                   Sybil, Mistress, we're resistless, please accept our lovestruck hearts.
                   Be not listless, please assist us, we've succumbed to Cupid's darts.
                   We adore you and implore you, let us gather round your throne;
                   Bow before you, and restore you to the heights that you have known.

Just dashed the above ditty off the top of my head.  May tweak it a bit later if anything occurs to me.  Feel free to write your own ditties devoted to Sybil, but remember - keep 'em clean or I won't publish them.

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