Tuesday, 15 October 2019


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Looking for a bargain?  (Daft question - who isn't?)  Then get yourselves along to your nearest HOME BARGAINS store, where the BEANO Annual for 2020 costs only £2.99 instead of the full price of £7.99.  (Remember now, that's the BEANO, not The BEANO - sigh!  Whoever thought up that pointless change?)  Anyway, save yourselves a fiver now!

However, be advised that DENNIS The MENACE is no longer the scowling scamp of old (and hasn't been for a while), but rather a cutesy-looking imitation who calls GNASHER 'Dude'.  In fact, the strip isn't even called Dennis The Menace, having changed its title to that of the animated TV show, DENNIS & GNASHER - again, a change that was instigated a few years ago.

Also, although amusing, the first story in the book is a not-too-subtle PC-preachy tale about the threat of too much plastic impacting on the environment.  Whatever happened to comics just trying to be funny, instead of following a social agenda, however worthy it might be?  Just leave it to the real world, DCT - it's not as if the subject is being ignored elsewhere.

Remember when The Beano was riotous, rebellious, anarchic and untamed, and didn't 'toe the line' or follow the rules?  I miss those days!  Maybe the rest of the stories in the Annual will perk up a bit - I'll let you know once I've read them.

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