Friday, 30 August 2019


Copyright DC COMICS

Cop a load of this, crazy Criv-ites.  Why, it's the DC Facsimile Edition of HOUSE Of SECRETS #92, first issued way back in 1971 and featuring the first (pre-ALEC HOLLANDcomicbook SWAMP THING. With matt paper, original ads and letters, great reproduction of the story pages themselves - why, strike my stunningly handsome fizzog with a wet kipper if it's not the next best thing to owning the original issue (which I do).

Just two things though: in earlier reprints, the words 'any more' in the first panel's caption box were revised to 'anymore', and it's that amended version that appears in this issue.  Also, clumsy retouching of lettering on page 5 has changed the word 'the' to 'me', making no sense at all.  If you can live with that, then this is the very chappie for you!  You can love it, hug it, kiss it, and call it 'George'.  (Personally, I'm just going to read it and then put it back in its poly bag, but hey - you might have your own ideas on how to have fun.)

The original and facsimile - side-by-side

But that's not all - take a look below at MARVEL COMICS #1000.  (Nah, I didn't see most of the other 9,999 either.)  This is a celebration of 80 years of Marvel (originally called TIMELY, then ATLAS, but their first mag was called MARVEL COMICS), and includes MIRACLE(MARVEL)MAN and NIGHT RAVEN (yup, that's right - Night Raven) - as well as all the other Marvel heroes, I'm sure.

So why are you still hanging around this dump?  Rush out and buy both of these collectors' item classics today!


Just for the hell of it - a recoloured, enhanced version of MC #1


Anonymous said...

Is Marvel really 80 years old? In 1986 Marvel were celebrating their 25th anniversary, counting from 1961 and FF #1. In my opinion Marvel did indeed begin in 1961.

Kid said...

Well, CJ, whether it was called Timely, Atlas or Marvel, it was effectively the same company owned by the same publisher, and (as far as I know) Marvel Comics #1 was their first comic. So the name has been there from the very beginning, and add to that the fact that Sub-Mariner, The Human Torch, and Captain America were published at various times under all three of the company's names (Timely, Atlas, and Marvel), then there is a kind of continuity going on there. So the company that eventually became known as Marvel is 80 years old. Hey, cut them a little slack, CJ, it's their birthday.

However, you're right in that what became known as 'The Marvel Age' has been officially recognised as beginning in 1961, but that refers more to the 'mood' and 'style' than the name, because I think some of the Marvel mags were published with the Atlas name (or some other) in the indicia. (I'll have to check to be sure though.)

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