Friday, 1 February 2019


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Now this is a little beauty that you'll all surely want to own - a facsimile edition of The SILVER SURFER #14, a page-by-page reprint (including ads and letter pages) of the classic '60s ish that had ol' NORRIN RADD and SPIDER-MAN meeting for the very first time.  Unlike the FANTASTIC FOUR #1 facsimile edition, it contains no extra pages or bonus material and, to be honest, good as the FF reprint was, I'd have preferred MARVEL to have presented the mag as it was originally, without the extras.  Maybe they'll reprint it again the same as the above Surfer ish, and I for one hope they do.

In fact, good as the TRUE BELIEVERS mags (which are essentially promotions for various OMNIBUS volumes) are, I'd like to see more facsimile editions like the Surfer one - and guess what?  They're on their way!  Number 3 of MARVEL PRESENTS: GUARDIANS Of The GALAXY, and The INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (first appearance of WOLVERINE) will be available shortly (you can pre-order them now).  If only they'd do the same with CONAN The BARBARIAN #1 and various other Marvel classics, then I'd be a very happy chappie.

What issues would you like to see reprinted in this format, Criv-ites?  Don't be shy now - tell us all in the comments section.  But before you do, below is my own issue of the original mag, alongside its facsimile.  Neat, eh? 

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