Friday, 28 December 2018


Pencilled, inked, lettered & coloured by me (boasting again)

I suppose I'm just being lazy showing this again, but I don't have anything new in me today.  This first started life as a 'rough' and had different dialogue with not-so-funny punchline.  Then I drew it up properly and invited readers to dialogue it in a competition.  Then, as semi-regular commenter CJ is sure to remind me, I used my own dialogue on the finished product, utilising an old joke that had been around for years.  However, I didn't award myself a prize, and CJ didn't want one, so no harm done.  Coloured by hand with acrylic inks I had lying around, I don't think it's too bad - I've certainly seen worse by guys who get paid for their stuff.


Anonymous said...

I can still remember my suggested dialogue (not the exact words but near enough):

WOMAN: My horoscope says I'm coming into money

MAN: What's your star-sign?

WOMAN: Taurus

MAN: It's bullsh*t

Now is that hilarious or what??

Kid said...

I dunno - I just find the word 'bum' funnier than 'bullsh*t'. Where'd you nick it from anyway?

Anonymous said...

Kid, that's slander you cad!!
I made it all up myself - I was rather proud of my witty dialogue actually.

Kid said...

Nope, slander is spoken, in print is libel. And only if it's an assertion or accusation, not a question. Gosh, I sometimes amaze myself with just how clever I am. I do seem to remember hearing something very like it on a TV show once though.

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