Sunday, 30 December 2018


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Here's another of the five-page tales that STAN LEE and STEVE DITKO were so good at.  From AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #11, I give you... The TERROR Of TIM BOO BA!  (See, LH?  Sometimes dropping a hint works.)


Lionel Hancock said...

Thanks for this...Great story Great artwork. A great team

Philip Crawley said...

Funny you should post this - I just read this one yesterday after seeing the previous post on Ditko. This and a few others from around the same time in the Marvel Monsterworks collection, which is mostly Kirby but has some Ditko as well.

The colouring is different in the Monsterworks reprint - Tim Boo Ba is green, and the linework isn't as clean. These in your post are from a Masterworks collection?

Kid said...

Glad to be of service, LH. Definitely a great team, despite the rants of some deluded anti-Stan souls.


I've got the book of which you speak, but it's difficult to open wide enough to scan from without risking damage, PC. In fact, I took this from MWOM Vol 3, #68 (I think, it's tucked away again), though they would've used the same proofs that the Masterworks (and Amazing Fantasy Omnibus) did.

Dave S said...

I remember as a child reading Jim Shooter (either in Bullpen Bulletins or Marvel Age) saying that if a penciller has done their job properly, the reader should be able to follow and understand the story without any dialogue - this story is a perfect example of this, Ditko tells the story and creates character entirely through his art. What a talent the guy was, thanks for sharing, Kid!

Unknown said...

Not the sort of guy whose pint of Guinness you want to knock over at the bar!

Have a good 2019. The sort of year when you come across a Beano no.1 at a car boot sale!

Try my friend to look towards the future as well as delving back into the past. Not easy sometimes as I know only too well the warm fuzzy feeling of reading an old comic or watching an old TV programme favourite from childhood.

Kindest Regards

Kid said...

I thought John Romita was particularly good at that as well, DS. You could see what was going on at a glance in his pages. Ditko was the same when he was firing on all cylinders. Nowadays, comics would be a wee bit harder to follow if there were no dialogue and captions, mainly because there are too many 'talking heads' shots.


Must start going to car boot sales now, just in case, eh? Unfortunately, I know what the future ultimately holds, so that's why I tend not to look forward to it. I'd settle for being content with the present, as long as I could still look back to the past from time to time. Have a great 2019, Ken - and same goes for ALL cracking Criv-ites.

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