Saturday, 1 February 2014


I've got thousands of comics and I could never tie down my
favourite to one single issue, so the following question is perhaps a little
unfair. However, of all the comics in your collection, if there were to be a
fire in your house and you only had time to grab one of them before vacating
the premises, which one would it be (and why)? Oh, go on then - you can
name up to three candidates, but you'd only be allowed to take one of
them with you in your dash to safety. C'mon, let's have some fun!

 PhilSee, TC, Jake and the rest - where are you?


Colin Jones said...

Sadly all the comics of my childhood are long, long gone but if I had to choose three they'd be these: 1)Marvel UK's Planet of the Apes No.5 as it was my first ever Marvel comic. 2) U.S. Marvel's Conan the Barbarian No.63 as it was my first ever American Marvel comic (actually I bought about ten different Marvel comics all at once on a school trip but Conan is the only one I remember out of all of them). 3) Marvel UK's The Titans No.35 as it reminds me of buying it on an extremely wet day in June 1976 just before the drought began and also because that landscape format was so fantastic and original.

Kid said...

Strange how looking at a comic can conjure up images of the past with such clarity that it almost feels like we're back there again, eh, Colin? To be honest, I was never a big fan of the Titans format, although I bought it every week all the same.

Steven Docker said...

Like the previous comment, my comics all went into landfill a long time ago - but the annuals. Ah well, that's different so I hope you don't mind me substituting annuals for comics. The three would be Fireball XL5 1966, Victor 1966 and Lion 1969. The winner - Fireball XL5.

Kid said...

And it's your lucky day, Steve - there's a picture of the Mike Noble cover of that very Annual somewhere on this blog.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Oooh always like these types of question - I can never recall the first US comic I ever bought but I think for me the comic I would save (barring having one that costs thousand of £ in my collection - sadly I own none of that value) would be ones that bring back a particular memory more than the story - So my 3 would be :

Silver Surfer 12: One of the first US comics (and def one of my first US Marvels) I ever bought and recall picking it up whilst on a shopping trip with my mum and gran and remember it being a really fun day out where I got pampered and ws bought coke and sweets in a cafe ( a treat even in 1970) - plus loved the art and character.

Mighty World OF marvel No 1: Vividly recall the day I saw this at lunchtime when at school , not wanting to buy it then (in case it got "lost" I waited till 4pm - that was a looong afternoon and I can recall most of my lessons still to this day ) - sadly my issue (the last in the shop )didn't have the transfer but my Dad the next day got me new version with the transfer - again a great comic and it started the longest collection of any comic I have ever had (buying every issue)

JLA number 94: My dad ran to me school really early as he had an appointment (we stayed a bit out at that time form where I went to school) so he took me around the shops to get a sweet for school as had a long wait til the bell rang - long story short this shop had US comics and my Dad bought me to 3 comics - JLA 94 was the star of the bunch (Neal Adam 5 pages of amazing art) my Dad then came back later that morning and took me for tea and a chat (a nice son / farther day I still recall to this day) -

Of the above JLA 94 I would save even although its falling apart

If it was an annual WHAM 1967


Kid said...

And I always like these types of answers, McScotty. Reading these little pictures you paint of yesteryear almost makes me feel as if I were there. I well remember the Saturday I first got MWOM #1 - and the following Friday when my dad bought me another one in Hamilton (as well as FF #126). Wish I could have these days over again.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Spider-man #150! First Marvel comic I ever owned! (Well, sort of owned; I was about seven and my ma bought it for me in a drugstore at random off a spinner rack. probably just to keep me quiet. So I guess, technically, she owned it!)
What a great comic, art by Gil Kane, can't place the writer, maybe Lein or Conway, an all-battle issue featuring several members of Spidey's rogues gallery (or robot versions, anyway) and a showdown with the mechanized Spider-slayer! Obviously I was apoplectic.
Of course I read that thing to shreds, it fell to pieces, but year later when I grew up and got a job I hunted down myself a different copy, and showed it to my mom, who had no memory of it whatsoever!

Kid said...

I've always found it rather sad, Mlp, that the things which we regard as having a shared significance with our friends and loved ones, are very often a one-sided affair which only we remember. Have a look at my post 'Biffo the Bear is an Easter Egg with Legs', which touches upon that very point. If you type it into the Blogger search box in the upper left-hand corner of the main page, it should take you straight to it.

Dougie said...

VERY difficult. The three I've chosen are:
New Gods 7: The Pact. I got this in Baird's pet shop/grain store in Strathaven one pitch-black, winter teatime in 1972 (with JLA 100!). It's Kirby's techno-take on the Old Testament and it's probably the most primal New Gods story.

Conan 59: The Ballad of Belit. Craig's newsagent & sweetie shop in Strathave, one school lunchtime in 1976. Reminds me of being in my very early teens.

DC Super Stars 3, 1976: this giant ( well, giant by mid-70s standards) reprints my very favourite comic of all time- Adventure 354- and its sequel. I only discovered the reprint relatively recently (about a decade ago) having finally tracked down that 1967 original in 1982! This is the one I would save because it's my favourite series in one of my favourite eras

Kid said...

The Pact, as you'll know, Dougie, was a comic that Kirby often claimed as one of his favourites - as he did with other comics at different times. I think I also had all three of these issues back in the day, but no longer have the Conan one.

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