Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Okay, I'll admit that a Christmas scene is a little out of season
('though snow's still a possibility given the recent weather), but I simply
had to display this stunning piece of colour cover artwork on the 1976
SHIVER & SHAKE Annual, which I received this afternoon.  ROBERT
NIXON (perhaps the only artist who could've taken over KEN REID's
FRANKIE STEIN) at his absolute best, I'm sure you'll agree!

There are a few contemporary cartoonists who'd be
wise to take note - this is how it should be done!


(And yes, you're right, the title of this post makes no
sense at all.  What can I say?  You can't win 'em all.)


Mr Straightman said...

Robert Nixon did in fact take over Frankie Stein in Whoopee!, and John Geering drew Frankie a couple of times for the Whoopee! annuals.

Steven Docker said...

It's seeing lovely artwork like this that makes me realise just how much I miss being able to buy annuals like this from September onwards each year. Thanks for sharing it.

Kid said...

Actually, Frankie appeared in Shiver & Shake, Monster Fun, and Whoopee ('though I can't remember the exact order off the top of my head - I'd have to check), with RT as the regular artist. Other artists filled in from time to time, but I was never that impressed with any of them (on Frankie Stein).

Irmantas said...

Chronologically FS appeared in Shiver and Shake and was later transferred to Whoopee! when the two titles merged in 1974. Although there was a lot of Frankie Stein in Monster Fun Comic, Nixon only drew him once or twice, and the drawing was then re-used on a number of occasions in the ‘editorials‘ and elsewhere in the comic. Frankie Stein did indeed have two strips in Monster Fun – they were Frankie‘s Diary and Freaky Frankie, and both were illustrated by Sid Burgon (by coincidence, I am writing a blogpost on those right now as part of Monster Fun Comic series on my blog...). Although Robert Nixon did an excellent job drawing Frankie in in the seventies, I believe Frank McDiarmid would have done an even better job, had IPC decided to use him as the main artist. He contributed several sets in Shiver and Shake and was absolutely brilliant. His version of Frankie Stein was very close to that of Ken Reid‘s, IMHO.

Kid said...

Glad you enjoyed it, SD. I'll post more Annual covers in the future.


Thanks, Irmantas. Regarding Frank McDiarmid, although he had 'ghosted' Reid before (on Big Head & Thick Head and, later, Faceache), I just didn't take to his version of Frankie. Perhaps it was because the style he used was too much like Reid's while at the same time not quite enough like it (if that makes any sense) that failed to grab me. I never really feel moved to read a Frankie strip unless it's drawn by Ken or Bob. However, to each his own, I suppose, eh?

Anyone who hasn't yet checked out Irmantas' blog should do so at the earliest opportunity. The link can be found in my blog list.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I m the same I never took to Frank McDiarminds version of Frankie Stein (or Big Head & Thck Head) altohugh a fantastic artist in his own style (his "Cruncher" strip is still one of my all time favourites) For me it was Reid or no one - Robers Nixons version was very good but too cartoony for me (but waht a wonderful cartoonist) Totally agree re Irmantas' blog wonderful stuff

Kid said...

You're obviously a man of taste and discernment, McScotty. There you are, Irmantas - two unsolicited testimonials.

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