Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Some might say it's redundant given that SPIDER-MAN readily
identifies the publisher, but I can't help thinking that 'MARVEL' should
be far more prominent in the above cover's masthead.  However, that's just
a personal observation and no one's obliged to agree with me on the matter.
Anyway, here's yet another batch of British Marvel weeklies (although it's
possible that MARVEL ACTION HOUR was a fortnightly comic, but
I can't quite recall) to satiate your rabid desire for all things Marvel
from many years ago.

It would be interesting to know what the sales figures were on
these titles, because, with the possible exception of TEAM-UP, I can't
imagine that any of them lasted for very long.  British Marvel seems to have
lost its way a bit during this period, and nothing much matched the excitement
that early issues of MWOM and SMCW managed to create in readers back
in the early '70s.  You have to give them credit for trying, I suppose, but, for
the most part (with a few honourable exceptions), it wasn't until PANINI
took over the task of producing U.K. titles that 'British Marvel' at last
fulfilled its potential as far as presentation goes.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Instead, let's focus on these
pulsating periodicals from the past, when we were all younger, brighter-
eyed and bushy-tailed, with optimism for the future burning in our hearts.
Wouldn't it be great to re-experience those elusive, enchanted emotions
from so very long ago?  Well, now's our chance!  So, everyone clasp
hands and focus upon the covers enclosed within this post - with
any luck, we'll return to an earlier era together!


John Pitt said...

I never saw Action Hour. I must have given up on them by then? But I did get the others and I liked Team Up especially - this was my first chance to read some What Ifs as the US originals never came to our newsagents. I think Marvel UK finally got it right with the Complete Spider-Man Monthly. What a brilliant little comic that was, especially after the earlier attempts at colour in Thor and the original X- Men. But these trials and errors were all part of Marvel UK's innocent charm. Hope there's more to come, Kid.

Kid said...

Oh, there's loads more to come, JP - almost an entire cupboard full. It just depends on when I can find time to scan them.

Colin Jones said...

John's enthusiasm makes me feel a bit guilty for my criticism of Marvel UK-post '78 but even so I hope you'll be featuring more from the '70s, Kid. By the way WHEN are you going to tell us what that drawing is?

Kid said...

I was hoping for a few more guesses first, Col. I'll probably add the completed doodle soon.

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