Monday, 17 February 2014


I don't remember ever actually buying TV TORNADO, but the
occasional issue came my way through the auspices of various friends or
relatives.  The first issue, published by CITY MAGAZINES Ltd., went
on sale on January 7th (dated 14th) 1967, and lasted 88 issues before being
merged with TV CENTURY 21 MICK ANGLO was the mag's editor and
also the artist on the VOYAGE To The BOTTOM Of The SEA and The
GREEN HORNET strips, as well as other bits and pieces.  That's all you
really need to know, pilgrims - now sit back and enjoy the first ish of
this fondly-remembered British comic from yesteryear.

Part Two follows soon.


John Pitt said...

Thanks for this , Kid , I bought it until there were 5 power comics to buy every week then something had to go. It always remimds me of helping my late Dad deliver the evening papers to the newsagents in the van after school.

Kid said...

Glad to help revive happy memories, JP. Part two popping up soon.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

"Apologies in advance but boring rambling story alert"

Despite only having a vague recollection of this comic its name actually played a major part in my childhood memories - a friend at school had invented a pretty nifty football game based on Subutteo (with platicine players on drawing tack bases and with cardboard goal posts with nets made from the bags oranges came in ( it was actually a lot slicker than it sounds especially for 7/8 year olds) & played on a nice marked out board his dad gave us- anyway long story short we made up our own teams and leagues (2 Divisions of 16 teams each as was the norm then in Scottish football) complete with club colours, team crests and players took us ages to complete but we al did it - my mate made up some stunning and funny/clever team names and I struggled with mine before coming up with the name of my main team, after seeing this comic ie "Tornadoes" - another of my team was called Buckingham Lions (combination of the street I lived on and the comic) and Carlton Cubs based on Carsons Cubs in the Lion as well ( West Bromwich Beano were less successful)Anyway trying to regain some credibility I seem to recall Tornado comic had a few superheroes from Kings and Gold Key like Magnus Robot Fighter and Tarzan strips that I think were for Gold key as well - the issue her reminds me a bit (a wee bit) of the revamped TV21 that IPC published - McS

Kid said...

Yup, Gold Key Magnus and Tarzan. I think The Phantom was Gold Key as well. You're right, McScotty - the revamped TV21 was very like TV Tornado. That sure was a drastic change in direction, eh?

John Pitt said...

The Phantom and Flash Gordon were also (re?)-printed by Miller in the UK alongside Mick Anglo's Marvelman. When Marvel got the rights to these characters they put out a special in 88 , teaming them up collectively as " The Defenders of the Earth ". I think it may have been based on an animated TV cartoon?

Kid said...

Yes, I believe it was based on a cartoon, JP. The comicbook was part of Marvel's Star Comics Line.

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