Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Number 37 of THOR & The X-MEN is one of the few British
MARVEL comics (if not the only one, in fact) ever to have snow on the
cover masthead.  That alone probably makes it quite a collectors' item, but
it certainly makes for a nice festive effect, to be sure.  Number 39 is dated
1983 instead of '84, but as it's the last issue, I don't suppose there's
much point in getting bent out of shape over it.

And that, as they say, dear readers, is yer lot.  We've completed 
our journey through all 20 covers of this particular title, so it's now up
to me to see if I can lure you back here with the promise of something
interesting.  Let's see what I can come up with for the next post. 


Colin Jones said...

That snow-covered masthead does look very festive, I always like snow on the Radio Times masthead but in my experience Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the two days in the year when it's guaranteed NOT to snow! Talking of Thor, at the moment I'm reading an ebook called The Gospel Of Loki by Joanne Harris which is terrific but it's not like Marvel's Thor - Odin adopts Loki as his brother and Thor and Sif are married. I suppose with your love of collecting, Kid, you wouldn't be all that interested in ebooks - you can't put them on the shelf after all!

Kid said...

It's not really the same experience, is it, Col? Reading, sure - collecting, nah!

John Pitt said...

And did you continue with it when it merged with Spider-Man? You could always show us those covers.

Kid said...

I did at the time, JP, but I gave them away years ago. Don't worry, I've still got plenty of other mags I can show you the covers from.

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