Thursday, 13 February 2014


The title of the post being, of course, mere word-play, based on the
name of the magazine that this JIM STARLIN three-page strip comes
from, although it may have appeared earlier elsewhere.  (Anybody know?)
The strip itself is dated 1975, but it was in 1978 that it appeared in issue #2
of STARBURST, a magazine produced by DEZ SKINN.  I'd hazard a guess
and say that not many people will have seen it before (the strip, not the mag)
so it's a bit of a collectors' item if I'm correct in my assumption.  As always,
someone will be sure to tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm a big boy now - I can
take it.  Could it have first appeared in a fanzine called GEMINI, as that
name appears alongside an earlier date of '72 on the last page?  That, of
course, would mean Jim didn't draw it in '75, so if anyone knows
the score regarding the different dates, feel free to share.

Anyway, all you Starlin fans - enjoy!


John Pitt said...

Feel free to post more Starburst covers whilst you're delving into the Marvel UK vaults. And Cinema if you have any?

Kid said...

I'd already decided to, JP. I don't think I've got too many issues of Cinema 'though (if any).

Nick Caputo said...

Hi Kid,

Even though I'm busy going through tons of old fanzines for MY blog, I'm happy to provide info for one of my favorite bloggers. The Visitor was originally presented in Star Reach # 2, as credited here:

And it's not that my memory is that good (although in comics related matters it usually is - in other areas forget it!) but I recently bought a book on the history of Star Reach (which my brother John borrowed) and that story looked familiar.

Nick Caputo said...

Sorry Kid, I didn't get the title joke! Never mind! I don't know if that story appeared elsewhere, although Starlin did his share of fanzine work.

Kid said...

Thanks, Nick. I knew that if anyone knew (or could find out), it would be you. As for the rather forced title play on words - Star Burst - Starburst - geddit? (Groan!)

Nick Caputo said...

I'm a little slow today Kid..been shoveling something like 15 feet of snow in NYC. It looks beautiful but it's been unending for the past few weeks!

Kid said...

Scotland is starting to get a little snow now, with more to come I think. Parts of England have been flooded with rain, as you may have seen on the news, so I'm glad I don't live there. Instead of shovelling it, Nick, build some snowmen and igloos out of it - it's more fun.

Britt Reid said...

"Gemini" was the name used when Starlin penciled and Al Milgrom inked a piece of art.
It also appears on a number of Captain Marvel covers during Starlin's run.

pete doree said...

Hi Kid,
the 'gemini' thing is another wordplay thingy. It refers to Starlin when he was inked by Al Milgrom, as in ' Jim and I '...
Those crazy Detroit Cosmic guys, eh?
Never seen this earlier than Star Reach either by the way.

Kid said...

Thanks for that, Britt and Pete. Any idea about the conflicting dates 'though? 1975 after Starlin's name and '72 after Milgrom's. Did Jim retouch parts in '75 perhaps?

Gey Blabby said...

Quality-wise it certainly looks more like '72 than '75. For some reason I always struggled to find his work in the shops. I did get his B&W Conan story in Savage Tales (1974, I think), also inked by Milgrom, and his style there seemed more advanced than it does here - not that I'm an expert on his work, mind.

Kid said...

I loved his MWOM covers in '72 and his Captain Marvel stuff, GB. Those 3 pages do look a little different, sure enough, but I'm used to his art being inked by Joe Sinnot, so it's hard to judge if they're early or later Starlin.

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