Sunday, 2 February 2014


Remember the 1965 black and white classic television series
ROBINSON CRUSOE? Then click on the link to be instantly
transported back to your childhood.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused,Kid as this is not the theme I remember at all - I remember the show well but the theme I'm thinking of is different, if you type Robinson Crusoe into YouTube it's there to see. The theme was so memorable that I never forgot it.I was born in 1966 so it must have been on TV in the mid '70s but it's definitely the same show, I've watched some of it via the wonders of YouTube.

Kid said...

It's definitely the same theme, Colin, but it's the 45rpm single arrangement, which was longer than the TV version at the beginning of the show. (Which would account for any slight variations.) The programme was repeated in the early '70s and, no doubt, a couple of times at least since then. I've got the DVD and the soundtrack CD so I know it's the same theme, 'though perhaps not necessarily by the same orchestra. (Although it would seem to be by the credits on the video.)

baab said...

The one I remember had a roll of timpani at the beginning.
The one you link to,which I also remember, was I think used as incidental music during the series,or they were both used on different broadcasts.
I saw it in the seventies and it was probably the theme tune to find when the internet became available to me.
There is a youtube channel where a bit of the broadcast history is written and explains more.

" It was first aired in the UK in 1965 as a 13 part serial, this English dubbed version produced by Henry Deutschmeister also had a new musical soundtrack composed by Robert Mellin and P. Reverberi which gave the serial a more strident and appealing theme tune than the music composed by George Van Parys for the French/German original."

even more info on the score here,

well worth a read in relation to this post.

I watched a clip on you tube and I feel the need to go and watch the whole thing again.
It will just be me though,my kids don't get black and white.

I was at school with a guy who came from Selkirk.
As he walked around you could hear the theme in the wind.

Kid said...

As I say, Baab, same tune, different arrangement. The sleeve notes on the CD are quite comprehensive, but thanks for reminding me of the details. I could have linked to any one of various versions, ranging from the actual TV show credits at 21 seconds, or ones lasting up to 6 or 7 minutes - but decided on a more 'reasonable' length.

Unknown said...

I seem to recall that by the early 70s the theme tune was very much out of tune in place - I def recall the version here as the original but only the opening minute and a bit I feel it may have been "cut" for during the show. Really liked this as a kid all the same and recall the show being on just before "Herges Adventures of Tin Tin" during the holidays very early in the morning so I struggled to get up for it as was probably up late as no school tuning inTo Radio Luxenbourg on my tranny- McS

Kid said...

I think that some of the confusion comes from the fact that the original TV theme was cut up into different music cues to fit segments of the programme. Obviously there would've been a basic theme to begin with, but being chopped up for the soundtrack and mixed with incidental music resulted in variations of the original theme. I'd definitely recommend the extended CD, McScotty. It's a belter.

Gey Blabby said...

It took a couple of listens before this one sounded familiar. I seem to remember it as incidental music in the show, but this wasn't the one I was expecting to hear when I saw your post - I was waiting for the roll of timpani as well. I'll have to take your word that it's the same tune.
All of those imported TV shows on children's telly - Crusoe, White Horses, Flashing Blade, Belle And Sebastian - had such memorable themes that are lodged in my mind to this day.

Kid said...

Well, GB, it is the official '60s 45rpm single version of the theme, but that doesn't guarantee, of course, that it's 100% identical to the TV version in every respect. I'd imagine the single arrangement included some of the incidental music in order to cover all the bases. It's hard to be definiite - the music on the TV credits only last about 20-odd seconds. Still a cracker 'though, eh?

baab said...

Thats the four horsemen of the t.v. apocalypse right there GB.
Crusoe, White Horses, Flashing Blade, Belle And Sebastian.

Of course i just thought of about ten more.
A simple post Kid,but what an ignition of memory.

I find myself singing the Flashing Blade at least six times per year.
I could not tell you a thing about the story-line.

Kid said...

Then there's Follyfoot, Black Beauty and, to a lesser extent, The Singing Ringing Tree. Happy days, eh?

baab said...

I have now been pondering the notion that themes for children's shows my children may be familiar with are rubbish.
Pokemon,Avengers,X-men,Horrible Histories,Super Hero Squad.

What a massive difference.

I have a dvd box set with The Singing Ringing Tree and the lesser known The Tinder Box.
Both still seriously and bizarrely brilliant.

Kid said...

I've got that same boxed set, Baab. I wish they'd included the BBC version in three parts as well 'though, instead of just the original movie version. At least it had the same English voiceover.

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