Thursday, 2 February 2012


Big Thom

For those of you who like a blog with a lot of class (just like my own of course), you can't do better than to visit artist and photographer THOMAS HALLER BUCHANAN's site, THE PICTORIAL ARTS. Lots of lovely pictures, loads of wit and wisdom, and, if I'm not very much mistaken, going by his name he's of Scottish ancestry. If he shaved off his beard, he'd probably make a great JAMES BOND. (Make one out of the hair of his beard I mean. A little hairy one.)

When you've been spoiled by all the sophisticated elegance of Thom's entrancing site, you can always come back here for more of my rapier wit, philisophical speculations, and elucidating insights - to say nothing of my usual gas-filled ramblings about anything and everything under the sun. (So, if it rains, I'll be stuck for something to say. Whaddya mean, you're praying for rain?) There may even be some deluded soul trying to start a rammy with me, with any luck. I seem to get a fair share of malcontents as well as all the wise and wonderful peeps (like Thom) who visit this humble place.

So, what you hanging around here for? Feck off over to and get edjumacated.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Thanks Kid, you make me blush, even though my Scottish skin is blustery red anyway. My ancestors roamed the Loch Lomond area, which I have visited and want my ashes to be spread upon.

I wish I could be a full-time blogger, it would be so satisfying to give it depth and breadth. But I'll take what I can get, I guess.

I appreciate your rants and I back you up on most of it. The ones I don't, are the ones I don't understand—either because I don't know the specific history, or the individuals you are scraping up against.

Anyway, as I say on my blog, keep sluggin'. I'll hold your coat, and if need be I'll jump into the fracas meself.

Kid said...

Good man, Thom. I really shouldn't allow myself to get annoyed by some of those people, but then I think - why should I let them get away with it? But you needn't concern yourself, Thom - storm in a teacup really. (But thanks for the support.)

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