Thursday, 9 February 2012


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This is a 'luverly' little tale by STAN LEE and STEVE DITKO, reprinted in the 1968 FANTASTIC Annual. (Originally published in JOURNEY Into MYSTERY #92.)  I remember redrawing the splash page out in my back garden one day, with the intention of copying the whole strip - I can't recall whether I ever finished it all though.  As was the custom with British reprints back then, credits were deleted and a few words altered, such as "Good Lord!" to "Goodness!", and "thru" to "through", etc.  Can't have lickle kids picking up blasphemous oaths from their comics, can we, or learning how to misspell?  That would never do!

Anyway, let's forego the customary waffle from me and get straight into the story.


Anonymous said...

Now I know the answer to the riddle "What's black and white and red all over." Seriously, it was GOOD to see this story AND to see it in this format. Thanks for posting it.

Kid said...

My pleasure.

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