Thursday, 23 February 2017


One thing I pride myself on with this blog is that it's
honest.  When I 'review' a comic or book, I'll tell you what
I think about it with no fear or favour.  Looking at a couple
of other blogs who on occasion cover some of the same stuff
that I do, I'm struck by the fact that they never say anything
even remotely negative about any of it, instead just trotting
out the publishers' supplied spiel about their product.
Why's that do you think?  I'll tell you.

The couple of blogs I'm thinking of are by people con-
nected to the comic companies in some way, either by doing
freelance work from them in order to make a living, or relying
on their 'patronage' by way of being given advanced publicity
and images on upcoming or recent products.  They're essen-
tially in those companies' pockets, and won't risk incurring
their disfavour by giving you an honest, unbiased view
on any of the stuff they're featuring.

So if you want to read mere advertising, these other
blogs fit the bill.  If, however, you want to read an honest
opinion about any of the stuff publicised on this blog, then
congratulations on your taste and discernment.  You might
not agree with my review of a mag or book, but at least it
wasn't written merely to sook up to any publishers.

So come to CRIVENS! - the honest blog!  And
remember, I'm not trying to get you to put money in my
wallet - unlike some second-string individuals constantly
trying to promote either themselves or their work on
BloggerTwitter and Facebook.  


(This, of course, is an unabashed plug for my blog, and
is therefore completely biased in its favour.  But hey - it's
 an honest bias and not one I deny - so there!)


paul Mcscotty said...

One of the reasons I like this blog is to read you opnions warts and all (not that I always agree with them of course). On the other hand there are some other "honest" blogs out there where they just moan and moan about everything so its good to get the right balance, which I think you have for your audience. Of course some bloggers may like these comics and to be honest if I worked for the comic industry (which seems at times to be small minded, petty and childish - the industry not bloggers..... well not all bloggers) I wouldnt be slagging it off either.

Kid said...

Fair point, PM. I can't even say for certain that I wouldn't be cautious over what I wrote about a comic or mag if I worked for the publisher (or relied on it for grace and favour in some way), but there are a couple of blogs I can think of straight off (no names, no pack drill), where there's never a hint of anything other than "Isn't this brilliant?!". Having said that, I tend not to pay much attention to them these days, so who knows, maybe they've changed - but I doubt it.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I think we can all guess the identity of one of the bloggers you're referring to :D

Kid said...

Can we, CJ? `I don't know who you can be referring to (said this honest blogger).

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