Saturday, 18 February 2017


A TV show I loved in the 1970s was ROOBARB
& CUSTARD, narrated by RICHARD BRIERS.  The
animation was shaky (deliberately so), the storylines were
mental, and the theme tune was brilliant.  I was glad to see
some comic strips based on the show in the TV COMIC
Annual for 1977 (which I bought near the end of '76),
so I thought you might like to see them too.

(TV Comic Annual 1977 - the gift that keeps on giving.)


Colin Jones said...

I love Roobarb & Custard too (who doesn't ?) - and did you know, Kid, that the narrator Richard Briers and animator Bob Godfrey died just four days apart in February 2013 ?

Kid said...

I probably did know at the time as it would be hard to miss, but I'd forgotten. There was a new series (39 episodes) of Roobarb with Richard doing the voices again in 2005. Never seen any of them 'though.

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