Saturday, 4 February 2017


Back in the 20th century - 1973 to be exact - an envelope
addressed to myself popped through the letterbox one morning.
Being only 14 or so, receiving personal mail wasn't a regular occur-
rence for me, so naturally enough I wondered what it was.  I soon
found out - a postal order for £1, along with a cover-note telling
me that my "Creepy Creation" would be featured in the
very next issue of SHIVER & SHAKE.

When the day arrived, I rushed out and bought a copy.
Nevertheless, thrilled as I was about my moment of fame (to say
nothing of my untold wealth), I was surprised to see that it seemed
to be my actual drawing that had been printed - albeit with a super-
duper, touch-up inking job by the mighty KEN REID.  I'd hoped
that my original drawing would be good enough to be published
as is, but I was resigned to the likelihood that it would be
completely redrawn by Mr. Reid himself.

But no - all the glaring imperfections of my original art
were still all-too obvious - surely Ken would've fixed them if
he'd completely redrawn my submission from scratch?  Honest -
that really appears to be my basic drawing under the super-slick
inking style of the artist of FRANKIE STEIN and FACEACHE
and loads of other characters.  The wings are a bit more ornate
than I would've rendered them, but what you're looking at
is a genuine Robson/Reid collaboration.

Ken wasn't the only one to recognize quality when he saw
it, though.  (Relax - my tongue is half in my cheek.)  A few years
later, someone traced my character and submitted it to a compe-
tition in one of MARVEL's U.K. weeklies -  and was one of a 100
runners-up.  To add insult to injury, I'd also entered the competi-
tion and was amongst the top ten of those 100 runners-up, but
my prize of a Treasury Edition must have been lost in the
Twilight Zone because I never received it.

So feast your eyes - the only Kid Robson/Ken Reid
drawing in existence.  (I suppose his name really should
come first - but it's my blog.  And he got paid far more
than a £1 for his share of the work.)


Irmantas said...

Ken was paid 12 pounds for this one :)

Kid said...

Huh! And I did at least half the work! There's no justice. (In fact, I'd have paid him another £12 for making my drawing look good with his added embellishment.)

baab said...

Not many folk can claim that team-up,Kid.

Kid said...

I guess not many people would be so bold, Baab.

Jeff Austin said...

You really gave Basil Wolverton a run for his money there, Kid.

Kid said...

Thanks, JA, but that's really down to Ken Reid's inking. He's been compared to Basil Wolverton a few times, and I believe BW was an influence on his work. Not to overstate the case, but the original imperfections in my drawing remain, so if Reid didn't ink over it directly, then I believe he must have traced over my original before inking it in his detailed style. It's too exact to my original to be otherwise.

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