Saturday, 25 February 2017

2000 A.D. PROG 119, 1979...

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In a previous post on 2000 A.D., I mentioned that I collected
a short run of the comic back in 1979.  Having now checked, it was 9
issues in total, from Prog 119 to 127, which happened to be the first
merged issue with TORNADO.  So I thought I'd give you a look at the
first of those 9 issues, followed in an upcoming post by a cover gal-
lery of the remainder of the 9 ish run.  Interested?  Good!

I bought this issue in R.S. McColl's in my local Town Centre,
and looking at this cover now, I'm instantly returned in memory to
the interior of a shop that vacated the premises only 2 or three years
later.  It was ROGER MOORE's appearance as BOND in the soon to
be released MOONRAKER that attracted my attention, and if not
for him, it's unlikely I'd have given the comic a second glance.

Funny how our decisions are influenced on such seemingly in-
consequential things.  Back then, the weekly was still unashamedly
a comic for boys, and looking at the contents now, it's actually not a
bad little package.  It's just a shame that it was eventually hijacked by
a far older readership, and transformed into a glossy magazine for
'adults'.  There's no equivalent of 2000 A.D. for kids today, and
that's quite a sad situation when you think about it.

1990 was 11 years in the future in 1979 - now it's 27 years in the past

And here's the booklet pages the right way up to enable you to read
them properly.  Click to enlarge, then click again for optimum size.


John Pitt said...

Nice to see another post on old "Twoothies", Kid! I wish you had some of my old progs. I'd really like to see inside those again!

Kid said...

I do have a free gift issue from 1983, which I'll feature in an upcoming post, JP. (The one with the badge and first part of a mini-reprint of Prog 1.)

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