Saturday, 25 February 2017


Images copyright REBELLION

As promised, here's a gallery of 2000 A.D. covers from 1979,
although there'll now be two parts instead of one as I'd intended.  I've
included the JUDGE DREDD 'splash' pages because they're by BRIAN
BOLLAND and therefore worth a look.  DAVE GIBBONS' DAN DARE
pages are also worth a look, but I've got to set limits somewhere or we'd
never get on to the next post.  Anyway, better get started if we want
to see the next lot of covers and images - coming soon.

Like what you see here?  Then don't be shy - leave a comment.

I assume that the above-mentioned KEVIN SUTHERLAND is the very same one
who would later draw for The BEANO and 2000 A.D. itself.  Can anyone confirm?


John Pitt said...

Aha, thanks for these, Kid!
Clicketty-click and all that, then I'll read them at my leisure.
Is Bolland THE Dredd artist for you? As good as he is, I place him at #3, behind Carlos and Ron Smith @ equal first!

Kid said...

I don't really have a favourite Dredd artist, JP, but Bolland's art is always worth a look.

John Pitt said...

Oh, I meant to tell you, my missus has a Drifters LP with the cover drawn by Bolland!
I'll send you a scan tomorrow!

Kid said...

Thanks, but don't worry about that, JP. I've got more than enough examples of his work already.

TC said...

I didn't have a favorite Judge Dredd artist, but Bolland is the one that I associate with the character the most. Maybe because the first Dredd strips I ever saw were by him.

Similarly, if you mention Captain America or Thor, I tend to think of Jack Kirby. Just as I associate Green Lantern and the Atom with Gil Kane, and Tarzan with Russ Manning.

John Pitt said...
Okie dokie, but if any readers are interested in seeing Brian's "comic-style" LP sleeve, click on the above link!

Kid said...

And Superman with Curt Swan (or perhaps Wayne Boring), TC. And Don Heck with Iron Man perhaps. Depends on what age you are I suppose.


Well, seeing as you've gone to the bother of sending the link, JP, I'll take a look anyway. Ta.

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