Sunday, 26 February 2017

2000 A.D. PROG 300 COVER...

Images copyright REBELLION

I've been digging in the back of a cupboard over the last few
days, trying to find whatever copies of 2000 A.D. I still have (as
you'll know if you've read the last few posts), and this is another one.
Though I wasn't buying the comic regularly at this point, I still picked
up the occasional free gift ish, like Prog 300 above.  I got it as much
for the first part of the mini-reprint of Prog 1 as I did for the badge.
In fact, I purchased two copies so I could cut out the reprint, and
also bought single copies of the next three numbers in order
to complete the collectors' item Prog.

I no longer have the next three issues, as I disposed of them
after removing the reprint pages, so I can't show them here.  I still
have the mini-comic tucked away somewhere, but all you 2000 A.D.
fans surely know what that looks like already, so there's no need for
me to go and dig it out to show you.  Besides, you can see the front
and back cover below.  And yes, I've got the full-size first issue
as well - ain't I lucky?  Nope, it's not for sale.


John Pitt said...

I had THIS one, Kid!
More than once! More than twice, even! I bought a few copies of this prog.
And, like a fool, I sold them in the 90's!

Kid said...

I've still got the badge from the other copy as well, JP, but you ain't getting it. Hee hee. Hard to believe that it was 34 years ago, eh?

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