Thursday, 9 February 2017


I must admit to having mixed feelings about BIG
FINISH's collection of The AVENGERS strips from
DCT's DIANA comic from the 1960s.  While the art is
terrific and more than deserving of a wider audience,
the published result could have done with more care
before being released to the panting public.

First of all, the pages would benefit from being
printed in a larger size, so that the art by EMILIO
FREJO and JUAN GONZALEZ could be apprecia-
ted at its very best.  Secondly, the book claims that the
pages have been 'restored', but there are speech balloons
and captions missing from a few panels.  This means that
the pages were sourced from the original art, but surely
the printed comics could have been used to supply
replacements for the missing lettering?

(Interestingly, some of the lettering on some of the
later pages looks as if it's been redone, as the balloon
and caption shapes don't match the originals.)

Thirdly, the text material at the back of the book
suffers from insufficient spaces between many of the
sentences, and the word 'hear' is rendered as 'here' in
one instance.  So while it's great to see these beautifully
illustrated stories, the book has a certain slapdash air
about it which prevents it being the polished pub-
lication it could and should have been.

Maybe Big Finish will do a second edition one
day and do these iconic pages justice.  We can only
hope so.  Still, it's worth having just to view some
terrific artwork from the swinging '60s.

Below, the original printed page, next to Big 
Finish's version.  Can you spot the mistakes?

Above, one missing caption and three missing speech
balloons on the very first page.  Talk about careless?
For a better comparison, click to enlarge.

Can you spot the missing caption on the above
page?  Below, a cover of Diana from 1967.


John Pitt said...

I would rather have scans of the original pages than new artwork with ommissions.

Kid said...

No, it's the original artwork, JP, but some pages have missing lettering (because it's dropped off over the years) and some pages have new lettering. The original art will give better reproduction (which is why they didn't just scan the printed pages), but as they went to the bother of replacing OLD lettering, I'm not quite sure why they din't take the same care when replacing MISSING lettering.

Phil S said...

How odd. You would think they could just use the old photoshop to replace this missing captions.

Kid said...

I assume it's just carelessness on someone's part, PS. The fact that they replaced some lettering shows that they were prepared to restore the pages, so the pages where they failed to do so must just be an oversight. And such great art too.

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