Saturday, 28 January 2017


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It seems like only a few scant years ago when I bought
in truth, it was a staggering 20 years back when I acquired
numbers 1 & 3 of this 3 ish mini-series.  For some unknown
or forgotten reason, #2 was never put aside for me, and it
was always my firm intention to obtain it whenever the
first opportunity to do so presented itself.

However, it was a case of 'out of sight, out of mind',
and it was only when I was occasionally looking through
the comics collection in my cupboard that I was reminded
of my task.  "Must get that missing issue!" I'd think, only to
promptly forget my resolution the second I closed the cup-
board door.  However, last time, I kept the two mags out
to remind me, and, recently, I saw the missing ish on
eBay for a reasonable price and bought it.

It arrived about an hour ago, and I instantly put it in
sequential order between its companion issues and then
sat back and congratulated myself on finally fulfilling this
long-held intention to complete the set.  However, as I said,
it only seemed a few years 'long', not the 20 it actually was.
My very next act will be to read the latter two numbers,
having read the first ish a couple of nights back.

What attracted me to the first issue in 1990 was
seeing Captain Mar-Vell in the original green and white
costume he wore in his inaugural appearance in MARVEL
SUPER-HEROES #12 way back in 1967.  The odd colour
combo shouldn't work on a superhero outfit, but somehow
it does - for me at least.  Having now re-browsed through
all three issues to get a taste of them, I'm not expecting
a classic, but it'll be good to finally lay yet another
'ghost' to rest after all this time.

So, tell you what.  Why not join me in a look at the
covers and some interior pages to celebrate me finally
completing my quest?  That way, perhaps I won't feel so
guilty about putting these comics in a cupboard and for-
getting about them for a while - until the next time
I'm in there looking for something that is.

You ready?  Okay, then let's go.

I don't care what it looks like - he's not doing that, okay?

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