Monday, 30 January 2017


Image copyright DC COMICS

C'mon now, admit it - this is an impressive splash page by
BERNIE WRIGHTSON, and if you have any artistic aspira-
tions at all, then you wish you could draw as good as this, don't
you?  Of course, I'm well-known in the comics world as an ab-
solutely brilliant artist who's easily the equal of all the comic-
book greats rolled into one.  Unfortunately, it's the me from
Earth Z, but, hey - that still counts in my opinion.


Jeff Austin said...

And just yesterday, the news came out that Wrightson will no longer be producing new art due to health problems. He's had a nice, long run, and leaves a portfolio of work most artists could only dream of having.

Kid said...

That's sad to hear, JA. If only he had illustrated Len Wein's 6-issue Swamp Thing series a while back. That would've been a nice note to bow out on. (Not that there was anything bad about the work of the artist who DID draw it.)

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