Sunday, 8 January 2017


Images copyright DC COMICS

With this instalment in our SECRET ORIGINS series,
I'm cutting the number of internal pages on show and restricting
them mainly to splashes.  Why?  Simply because it's getting more
difficult to find truly outstanding (or even interesting) images that
are worth scanning.  The pages seem to consist primarily of talk-
ing heads, and even though they're competently drawn, I have
to be honest and say most of them are pretty boring.

However, when there's a page I think is worth looking at,
I'll include it for you, so that you don't feel I'm depriving you
of anything purely out of laziness.  I have all 50 issues in the run,
but I've only ever read the first few, presumably because I wasn't
particularly enthused by them when I first got them back in the
day.  Maybe I'll get around to remedying that before I fall off
the twig, but it's still satisfying to have a complete set of
these mags - even though they're mostly unread.

Perhaps you disagree with my lacklustre assessment?
If so, then fight your corner in the comments section.


Paul McScotty Muir said...

This vol of Secret Origins was very hit and miss. I remember picking up a few issues at the time and putting most of them down - the artist for the first few issues were pretty good (Aparo, Ty Templeton etc) but they tried to squeeze too much story into only a few pages and it didn't really work even when some of the greats like Jim Aparo, Gene Colan, Kevin Maguire, Infantino etc were involved and later when newer and /or less talented artist had a go for me it got pretty messy.

Kid said...

Yeah, it seems to me that they were trying to cover every aspect of a hero's history, rather than just cover the origin, and the story seemed like an 'info-comic' designed to impart knowledge rather than to entertain. That's overstating the case of course, but that's how many of these stories appear, even from a casual browse.

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