Friday, 9 September 2016


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Hi there, peeps.  You're looking at the watercolour and gouache
prototype cover of MARVEL COMICS #2, signed by the creator
thought the history lovers among you might like to see it.  And below
is what the actual published comic looked like way back in 1939.
(And note the addition of the word 'Mystery' to the title.)

A version of the cover by DEAN MOTTER was used for an
issue of MARVEL COMIC INDEX (below).  Contrary to the claim
on one site, it doesn't really qualify as 'inking' of Everett's page (which
would be done on a vellum  or acetate overlay if it were), but  is more a
newly drawn interpretation of Everett's original idea.  Not convinced?
Then look at the following side-by-side comparison and judge for
yourself.  The cover has clearly been completely redrawn.


Britt Reid said...

The cover rough was inked by Dean (Mr X) Motter for the cover of the Marvel Comics Index #7b in 1978...

Kid said...

Thanks for the link, Britt, but, despite what it says on the 'Starlogged' site, the cover looks more like a reinterpretation based on Everett's 'rough' than an actual inked job of Everett's art. Do a side-by-side comparison and you'll see the differences.

Britt Reid said...

Motter didn't ink the actual rough, of course. ;)
That would be sacrilege, not to mention destruction of a historical artifact!
He just "finished" it, probably on lightboxed 2-ply bristol board.
Working off roughs, it's not unusual for the finisher/inker to add or remove elements.
But the main figure and action are faithful to Everett's intent, which is why it works as the cover to the Index dedicated to the Sub-Mariner!

Kid said...

I didn't intend to suggest he'd inked the actual rough, Britt. I'd assume that, normally, he'd use vellum or acetate overlay and ink it that way. But, however faithful he's been to Everett's INTENT, he certainly hasn't been to his FIGURES, to the extent that it looks more like a redrawn version BASED on the original. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I don't think it qualifies as an 'inked' version of Everett art as per the description.

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