Thursday, 29 September 2016


You'll never guess.  Today, an extremely generous friend
gave me - that's right, gave me - a full set of CADET Sweet
Cigarette STINGRAY and THUNDERBIRDS cards - for abso-
lutely nothing!  That's right - free - gratis - for nowt!  Can you
believe it?  Well, one good turn deserves another, and you, dear
Criv-ites, are the lucky recipients as I'm going to share them
with you right here on this humble blog of mine.

I'm just going to scan them in their protective sleeves to
save me some hassle, so they might be a bit squint from time
to time in their individual compartments, but I'm sure you can
live with it.  Another four parts to complete the Stingray collec-
tion, and then we'll follow that with the Thunderbirds one.  Are
you agreeable to that?  Thought you might be.  Right, let's
go.  "Anything can happen in the next half hour!"


John Pitt said...

That's brilliant, Kid! Look forward to following both sets!
You really need the Space Patrol cards next!

Kid said...

All donations of any such cards will be gratefully received, JP.

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