Thursday, 22 September 2016


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

In 1975, MARVEL decided to reprint Dr. STRANGE in
the mag where he'd first appeared - STRANGE TALES.  The
reprints lasted for seven issues, each featuring two stories, 'though
some of the continued tales were edited into one, omitting up to two
pages in the process.  This resulted in an adventure consisting of 60
pages in total being reduced to 50.  In #183, the Dr. Strange 'half'
of #130's cover (by JACK KIRBY) was enlarged and used as the
full cover, making this ish the only one of the seven to re-use a
'60s cover image.  (The others sported new art.)  Here then
is a look back at a brief time in the sizzlin' '70s - enjoy!


Colin Jones said...

In 1978 I bought a Dr. Strange pocket book which was the size of a novel and featured the early Dr. Strange stories from Strange Tales all in colour - do you know that book, Kid ? I have very fond memories of it as I'd never read those stories before. By the way, as I recall - the Dread Dormammu was terrified of the Mindless Ones so it should have been them that Dr. Strange was worried about :D

Kid said...

Do I remember it? I've GOT it, CJ. You mentioned the book before, and I remember saying that the page-tiers had wider gutters between them to 'stretch' them over the dimensions of the paperback page. The Mindless Ones were confined to Dormammu's dimension so it was really only Dormammu (and his subjects) who had anything to fear from them.

baab said...

I have that paperback,although my quick look on the shelves found nothing!
I also have that issue 183 with that lovely Jack Kirby art.
The cover may be in the corner and the contents in another pile!
Genuine remnants can also have memories associated with them.

Kid said...

Very true, Baab. Try and reunite the cover with the contents soon 'though - they're missing one another.

David S said...

Around 1995/96-ish there was a stall selling back issues in Glasgow's Argyle Market- I used to pop in on my lunch break from work some times and remember buying some cheap 70s era comics- the above pictured Strange Tales 184 among them. Also got some Weird Wonder Tales and Where Monsters Dwell, if I remember rightly. I may be wrong here, but I think the place was ran by a fair-haired guy who later ran a shop on King St reet selling role-playing games (and may still do).

Kid said...

That's interesting, DS - the next time I'm in King Street I must keep a lookout to see whether the shop you speak of is still there. Can't think of who the guy might be 'though.

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