Monday, 5 September 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Take a look at the above page.  Study it for a moment.  See
what's wrong with it?  "But wait a minute!" you cry.  "The page
is pencilled by JAY GAVIN (a pseudonym of WERNER ROTH),
not JACK KIRBY!"  Very true, but Jack laid out the page for Jay/
Werner to follow, so the error is his, not Werner's.  And just what is
the 'error'?  Well, in the first three panels, the front door opens out-
wards (which is wrong), whereas in the second last panel it opens
inwards (which is right).  "Couldn't it open both ways?" you ask.
Never seen a front door of a mansion or house that does, have
you?  Thought not.  That's what you call a 'kock-up'.


paul Mcscotty said...

Awww thats a wee bit pedantic Kid... lol although in saying that and being pedantic maysel, for me the main issue here would be that the front door opened ourwards most (if not all) front doors open inwardly . Those half doors (in US wild west saloons) can open both ways.

Kid said...

Er...that's my point, PM - the front door opens outwards, but as the Angel demonstrates, it should (and does) open inwardly. As no front door I know of (in houses) can do both, it's a Kirby 'kock-up'. As for saloon doors - remember, they don't have to fit snugly against the lip of a door frame.

paul Mcscotty said...

Ahhhh ok I just thought your gripe was that the first 3 panels did not match the fourth and nothing else.

Kid said...

Nah, merely pointed out the 2nd-to-last panel as an example of how the door SHOULD open, and that therefore it was opening the wrong way in the first three. Having said that, PM, had I been pointing out the discrepancy between panels chiefly as an inconsistency, I reckon it would still be valid as an example of a Kirby 'Kock-Up'.

The Pedant's Pedant.

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