Monday, 26 September 2016


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Here's one that's available from all good comicbook shops
on Wednesday, frantic fans - The BLACK PANTHER EPIC
COLLECTION Volume One.  Beginning with T'CHALLA's
earliest appearances in The FANTASTIC FOUR mag, and con-
tinuing with his own strip from JUNGLE ACTION, if you're
a BP fan, you're sure to love this magnificent tome.

Read the spiel, and save your shekels until Wednesday.
Then get right 'round to your nearest store and buy one.


Phil S said...

Don Mcgregor was the first big name I ever met at a comic con. Way back in London in the 78. This was in conjunction with the release of his book Sabre, Art by Gulacy. So I have always had a soft spot for Mcgregor.

Kid said...

You'll love this book then, Phil. I only had the odd issue of this mag in the '70s, so I'm looking forward to reading the run.

AirPiratePress said...

A great saga ... I put together a run of the original JUNGLE ACTIONs for probably cheaper than the TPB, via eBay :-)

Kid said...

Lucky man, APP. Kirby's later take on the Panther was completely different, and I can see why fans of McGregor's issues were disappointed with Jack's run.

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