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The AVENGERS images copyright ABC TELEVISION Ltd

The AVENGERS was big in America, so a comicbook based
on the show was a racing cert.  It couldn't be called 'The Avengers'
though, as MARVEL had that title sewn up.  So when GOLD KEY
eventually released the mag in 1968 (comprised of reprints from the
strip in Britain's TV COMIC) it was simply named JOHN STEED
EMMA PEEL - without even an ampersand.

A pal gave me this comic recently, but unfortunately there's a
few pages missing from the end of the first story.  If you have this
comic and can supply me with scans of the absent pages, it'd be very
much appreciated.  Let me know in the comments section, along
with any reminiscences you have of this particular mag.

Enjoy the pictorial reminders laid out before you, Criv-ite chums,
and savour some comic strip magic of the swinging '60s.

Copyright relevant owner

Copyright relevant owner


TC said...

I had it, but don't remember much about it. Well, I remember the villains dressed as Roman soldiers and a bystander saying something like, "Are the Romans invading Britain again?" And the second story where the scientist had invented the mirage-making machine.

The trademark snag (the cover said "John Steed Emma Peel" although the indicia on page one said "The Avengers") may be similar to a DC vs. Marvel Comics (or Billy Batson vs. Mar-Vell) trademark dispute sometime around 1973. That case ended with DC being allowed to use the name "Captain Marvel" in the strip itself, but not on covers or in merchandising. So the DC comic was entitled Shazam, and the subtitle was changed from "The Original Captain Marvel" to "The World's Mightiest Mortal."

Kid said...

I'd guess that the original plan was to call the mag The Avengers, TC, and that the indicia was prepared before Gold Key realized that it would be wiser not to use the name too prominently on the cover. The comic surprised me, as I never thought Gold Key would use foreign reprints for one of their comics. Perhaps they thought that only a British strip would capture the spirit of a British programme?

John Pitt said...
And if all this has left you wanting more TV Avengers comics, check out the above website, readers!

Kid said...

Nice site, JP, but shame it doesn't reprint the actual strips in their entirety.

John Pitt said...

And it doesn't show any of the Diana strips at all, which were the best and have been reissued in a book in recent years.

Kid said...

Very striking they were too, JP.

Unfortunately, I can't publish your most recent comment on my 'scandal' post, because there was no evidence to prove the allegations against the two individuals you name. Hope you understand.

John Pitt said...

No worries, Kid, just my letting off a bit of steam at politicians. Never stopped to think I may be putting you in an awkward position. Sorry about that!

Kid said...

No worries, JP. Wouldn't want either of us to get into any bother. How's your new blog going?

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