Sunday, 11 September 2016


Above is an extremely rare LOUIS MARX BATMAN
toy from the 1960s.  I had two of them (at different times)
when I was a kid, and have very happy memories of playing
with them, especially the second one I received for Christ-
mas in 1966 or '67.  (Could even have been '68.)

Marx had a soldier figure out at the same time (in fact,
it actually predated the Batman one), which had the exact
same head  (minus the black mask - a sticker - on the face
in the above pic) as his Caped Crusader counterpart.

I had a great time dressing up 'little Bruce' in his vari-
ous pieces of equipment and subjecting him to all sorts of
imaginary ordeals and adventures.  (Oo-er, it's just clicked
how pervy that sounds, so I'll deny it in court.  Someone
please tell me I wasn't the only one.)

Incidentally, despite the backing card's claim, the only
thing that moved on the legs were the boots, which turned
from left to right - or all the way 'round if you preferred.
Hardly what one would call fully-articulated.

I eventually swapped the toy with a pal for the soldier
version and then, the very same night, watched Bats meet
his doom as an older lad (ROBERT FORTUNE) launched
him into the air while saying "Let's see if he can fly..." - only
to see Batman smash to pieces on his descent.  My stunned
pal immediately wanted to effect an annulment of our
swap, but I was having none of it.  Poor Bats.

Anyway, if you were fortunate enough to have had one
of these figures as a kid, here's a look back into the past -
happy reminiscing.  (If not, this is what you missed.)

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