Tuesday, 13 September 2016


KEITH VAZ?  Should be fired right away and not
allowed to continue as an overpaid Labour MP now that
he's shown himself to be a hypocrite, an adulterer, and some-
one who simply can't be trusted.  Cheated on his wife, offered
to buy drugs for his rent boys, and yet there seems to be no
outright condemnation of his behaviour, with fellow
politicians saying "It's a private matter!"

Our politicians are corrupt and therefore cannot be
trusted to put the country's interests before their own.
Do you know why the topics of whether prostitution should
be a criminal offence, drugs should be legalized, or the age of
consent should be lowered even further are always being in-
vestigated by government committees ?   The answer is
mind-numbingly simple, and it's this:

It seems that too many politicians are drug-addicts,
prostitute-users, adulterers, or paeodophiles who, in order
to avoid criminal prosecution and public shame, are seeking
to negate the stigma of their own  sordid pursuits.  Caught using
drugs?  "It's not a crime!"  Caught paying for prostitutes?  "It's
not illegal!"  Caught 'playing away from home' ? "It's a private
matter!" Caught with 13 or 14 year-old kids? "They're of
the age of consent!"  (And believe me, they will be
if these b*st*rds ever get their way.)

Remember the expenses scandal?  Their excuse
was that they "didn't break any rules".  Be warned - the
old 'rules' are in danger of being rewritten to accommodate
the tastes of our political 'masters'.  And, while pandering to
their own appetites, they'll have the cheek to say that crime
figures are falling.  Well of course they are.  That's the in-
evitable result of making everything legal.  If they get
their way, one day 'crime' won't exist.

But that doesn't mean society will be a better place,
only that many crimes won't be categorized as crimes any-
more!  It's the world that's coming, alas!  The goalposts
are ever-shifting and society is going to hell!


John Pitt said...

Private matter, my arse!
The dirty fecker's no better than Jimmy Saville. Hang the bastard high, I say!

John Pitt said...

P.S. excuse my language!

Kid said...

Well, I'm not sure that he's in Jimmy Savile's 'league', JP, but he's certainly not an 'honourable' member. Hang him? I'd settle for sacking him - and prosecuting him if appropriate

TC said...

A professional politician is a professionally dishonest man...an honest politician is as unthinkable as an ethical burglar. - H.L. Mencken

The corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad. - Henry Kissinger

The House of Commons is the longest running farce in the West End. - Cyril Smith

Colin Jones said...

It would have been totally wrong if he'd stayed on as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee but he resigned and his career is basically ruined plus he's been publicly humilated. But I disagree that politicians just want to change the law for their own benefit as I'd also legalize prostitution and the war on drugs is a disaster which just benefits the drug barons so I'd think about legalizing drugs too. But I'd keep the age of consent where it is.

Kid said...

Thanks for the quotes, TC. Seems Cyril Smith was a predatory paedophile, so he was as much a part of that farce as anyone - if not more so.


He still shouldn't be allowed to remain an MP, CJ. Can't agree with you about legalizing drugs. To do so would only give criminals a 'legitimate' avenue through which to launder the proceeds of other criminal activity. IF the war on drugs is a disaster (and there are those who'd disagree with you) then it's only because it's not being fought hard enough. As for legalizing prostitution, if you had a daughter, would you really like her to view selling her body as merely another career option? Think things through, CJ, think things through. We've had this conversation before, and legalizing prostitution wouldn't keep 'working girls' safe, as there are always prostitutes who would not operate within 'government-sanctioned' premises because they're drug-addicts who - a) wouldn't be allowed to, and - b) wouldn't want to. And, sadly, there are always 'clients' who want to pay less and are prepared to take risks in the process.

You, like many politicians, obviously think the best way to deal with crime is to decriminalize it. That's called 'giving in' in my book.

And I'd raise the age of consent back to 21.

Off to my scratcher now, so I'll reply to any further comments later.

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