Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Only 15 issues to go until we reach the finish line of this particular
race, faithful ones, so that equates as three more instalments in The
SUPER-HEROES cover & image gallery.  The mag was probably past
its best by this point, as The CAT was a bit of a second-rater and GIANT
MAN was hardly in The SILVER SURFER's league, but I stuck with it
right to the end.  From my perspective, with The X-MEN and ol' High
Pockets, the comic was a comforting amalgam of FANTASTIC and
TERRIFIC, two of my favourite weeklies from the '60s, and that
was more than good enough for me.

At one point, MARVEL U.K. considered reprinting Fantastic's
The MISSING LINK/JOHNNY FUTURE strip, seemingly thinking
that they owned the copyright.  That would've been ace to see again, and
made the periodical even more like an ODHAMS 'POWER COMIC',
but, sadly, it just didn't happen.  Nearly 50 years later, readers are still
waiting for a deluxe re-presentation of the late LUIS BERMEJO's
awesomely illustrated artistic tour-de-force.  Maybe one day.

Anyway, enjoy this brief look back into yesteryear - and don't
dare miss the remaining issues in upcoming posts.  Excelsior.

This page and the next were produced specially for British readers
to bring them up to speed on the history of GIANT MAN & The
WASP and became pages 3 & 4 of the tale

Look at that first ad - surely the worst drawn & lettered one in existence


Nick Caputo said...

Unknown Ant-Man/Giant-Man art! A real treat (who SAYS I don't learn anything new on your blog?) Arvell Jones pencils, perhaps?

Kid said...

Could well be, Nick, but it's been years since I saw any signed Arvell Jones art, so I'm not as familiar with his style as I once was. Maybe Jason will pop up and let us know.

Jason Schachter said...

Just saw this, but better late than never! Those 2 sequential pages were drawn by Steve Stiles, some of his earliest British Marvel work (he went on to draw over 120 splash pages/pinups for them). This is the only published example of UK-specific sequential work produced by the British Department (aside from Captain Britain, of course) between 1973-1978.

Kid said...

Thanks for the info, JS. Steve Stiles sounds vaguely familiar, but it's not a name I can readily identify. Feel free to add any further info on any of the posts whenever you like.

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