Thursday, 17 December 2015


Anyone remember the MECHANOIDS?  Another TERRY
NATION creation for the BBC TV DOCTOR WHO show, I
doubt that Tel got quite as rich off them as he did the DALEKS,
but they must've brought in a bob or two for the writer.  I recall
them more now from the TV21 strips than I do the Television
series ('though I still remember them, dimly, from that), but
they've been absent from anywhere for quite some time.

Anyway, one came to live with me today.  He's a bit wary
of his many Dalek roommates, but I'm sure they'll soon all be
getting on like a house on fire.  Let's just hope it doesn't lead to
that, eh?  Hotels are expensive at this time of year, and I remem-
ber reading about one young couple who couldn't get a room -
and her expecting, too.  I call my new guest MICKEY, and
he's quiet as a mouse.  (Hey, that was almost a joke.)


Mark Carter said...

The Mechanoids appeared in the 1965 Dr Who series "The Chase". They were, to be fair, pretty lame and not much of a match against the Daleks. I remember reading that Terry Nation was hoping that they'd take off in much the same way that the Daleks had. Not a chance!
As well as appearing in TV21, they were in one story in the 1966 (I believe) Dalek annual - a fair bit of exposure for a one-off TV appearance.
As useless as they were, I still envy you your little Mickey; I would love one in my collection.

Kid said...

And it's only in my collection because of the generosity of a pal who needed to make some space, MC. I'd love one of the Cherilea ones to go with my Cherilea Dalek, but they can cost quite a few shillings these days.

John Pitt said...

Well, I loved them when they came out and I was always waiting for a rematch, but it never happened. Seems I was in a minority again!
I never saw one of these in the shops, otherwise I would have had to have one to go with my grey plastic Dalek!
Well done on your acquisition, Kid. I KNOW he has gone to a loving home!

Kid said...

Well, I love him, JP - not quite sure about my Daleks yet. I'm sure he'll grow on them 'though.

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