Thursday, 3 December 2015


Who remembers The MAGIC BOOMERANG, an Australian
TV show which was also shown in the U.K. back in the '60s?  It was
about a lad who could stop time by throwing his boomerang, 'though
time only stood still while the boomerang remained airborne.

THUNDER comic's PHIL The FLUTER had the same concept,
except Phil only had to play his musical instrument to halt time, not
throw it into the air and wait for it to return to him.  Actually, the strip
should more accurately have been titled PHIL The FLAUTIST - or
FLUTIST would've passed muster - but 'Fluter' arguably had a bit
more of a ring to it - or so the editor seemed to think at least.

Anyway, the following strip from the 1971 LION & THUNDER
Holiday Special is typical of the kind of escapades in which young
Phil usually found himself involved, and should give you a good
idea of why comic readers enjoyed it back in the '70s.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Brillaint stuff -as you know "Phil the Fluter" was a favourite of mine back in the day. Tom Kerrs art always makes me smile. Didn't the Sparkey comic (possibly from before that time) have a character with a flute/pipes (Petes the Piper??) that was similar to this one (but imho not as good).

Have to say I do not recall the Magic Boomerang TV show at all.

Kid said...

Sparky had a strip called Peter Piper, which was a revival of a strip (by Dudley D. Watkins) from Magic Comic back in the '30s, McS. Peter's magic pipes brought things to life, such as statues, posters, etc.

You don't remember The Magic Boomerang? Your life must seem so empty, you poor soul.

Phil said...

This strikes me as a particularly hard power to use since you need both hands to play it. You can't actually do anything unless you just use your feet. Nope sorry no Magic Boomerang memories though I do remember Skippy.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I do remember The Magic Boomerang, only just though, as for fluter, maybe it has currency as an informal label. Myself I don't know anyone offhand, who's an accomplished practitioner on any woodwind (well no one who admits to it, I do have my suspicions) so that's just a guess of course.

Kid said...

Nah, he plays it, Phil, time stops. He plays it again to restart time - he doesn't have to play throughout the 'frozen' period. You never read the story, did you, you naughty boy? (Edit: I didn't read it either - time starts again of its own accord after a short period, he doesn't have to play his flute again. I'll join you on the naughty step.)


I remember someone writing in to Thunder, DSE, to point out the correct word, and the editor's response was, basically, that 'fluter' just sounded better. Of course, maybe he was embarrassed by his ignorance, hence his trying to make out it was a deliberate decision.

DeadSpiderEye said...

By the way, I really like the artwork here.

Kid said...

So do I, DSE. As McScotty pointed out, it's the work of Tom Kerr, who illustrated the Little Star covers I featured not long ago.

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